The project goal was to create a native Android application for a point of sale display to assist customers in deciding which of the 7 Fitbit products is right for them. To aid customers in their buying decision the app highlights product features, allows users to compare products, watch videos and understand how trackers work with the Fitbit dashboard and mobile app.
Installed in 2000+ Target & Best Buy stores around the country.
As the lead UX/UI Designer on this project, I developed wireframes, clickable prototypes in Axure RP, refined visual design solutions, completed the production of all assets, and collaborated with the development team to produce six iterations of this application ranging in multiple resolutions for different devices, conversion to the metric system, and translation to French for deployment in Canada.
Design iterations of the home screen when a user first interacts with the screen saver.
Different templates used for the various Fitbit products to highlight different features.
Educating customers on the Fitbit App + Dashboard.
Collaborating with the development team to achieve the perfect animation timing
needed to show the progression of tracking.
In collaboration with Fitbit I produced a storyboard for a potential video to explain
the Fitbit value proposition as it relates to all of their products.
Creative Director: Matt Cooke
Creative Director: Russell Tokar
Agency: Iron Creative
Disciplines: Information Architecture, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Production Design.

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