US Trust Capital Acumen

quarterly investment publication for the iPad

This iPad app was created using PressRun's digital publishing platform and published to the App Store. The quarterly interactive digital issues were based off of the existing print magazine Capital Acumen, part of U.S. Trust, a branch of Bank of America. Interactive features were implemented to enrich the print content which include: animations, carousels, email links, hotspots, HTML5 widgets, hyperlinks, popups, slideshows, vertical scrolling pages & columns, videos, and web links.
Capital Acumen presents timely insights, thoughtful commentary, and informed opinions on topics of importance to the Ultra High Net Worth investor.
the custom navigation bar includes buttons to:
view all issues, contents, sharing feature, search, bookmarks, and help.
a carousel acts as a timeline as users swipe to the left to reveal more content
page links and popups allow more informationg to fit on one page and allow user to interact with the content
Design Directors: Syndi Becker & Andrew Nahem, Associate Art Director: Monica Alverca, Project Managers: Carrie Sampson, Joe Kane, & Gillian Jackson-Champlain.

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